UK live electro-pop outfit Cicada have given punters a pretty good reason to visit their Facebook page, with the release of a free EP of club remixes of some of their hit singles from over the years. Beautiful, Cut Right Through and Metropolis all get high-octane dancefloor makeovers, and it’ll serve as a perfect introduction for those not already familiar with Cicada’s charms.

All three remixes bring some fairly big sounds to the table, with an assortment of house grooves interplaying with some massive electro-trance melodies. Michael Gray’s mix of Beautiful is the pick of the three, starting off a housey tip, before throwing down a massive electro riff in the chorus. The DJ Delicious mix of Cut Right Through takes more of a big-room house approach, while the Twelves mix of Metropolis plays up the plays up the 80s electro vibes.

Grab the free EP now on Cicada’s Facebook page.

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