Can you handle the funk in those one? The fellas of Chromeo are hoping you can… or that you’ll at least die tryin’. The duo has just released their latest number, “Sexy Socialite”, and it literally could not be better. The track seems to perfectly encapsulate distinctive sounds from decades past and meld them together for an incredibly fresh take. The song’s funky guitar riffs remind us of The Virgins’ seductive indie rock vibes, while still delivering the soul and light-hearted depth the New York producers are celebrated for. The unmistakable retro vibe makes us feel like we’re lost on an 80’s dance floor in the best way imaginable thanks to its groovy synth loops and cheeky vocals. The breaks and fast-paced melodies remind us (had we been there) of Studio 54 and disco’s heyday. All these sounds are perfectly in sync when gathered, molded and meshed together and whether you’re an upper-crust socialite or a vagabond looking for some dirty fun, you’ll be playing this one out on endless repeat, at least until Chromeo unleashes their next killer. Check out “Sexy Socialite” for yourself below and get ready to boogie!