By now you've probably heard of this Aussie tearing up the music scene. Alison Wonderland has been on a steady rise throughout the first half of 2015 with the release of her debut LP 'Run,' a North American tour including sets at Coachella, and and her own Wonderland Warehouse Project tour in Australia. The past year has been a whirlwind for Wonderland, but that hasn't affected her genuine love for the scene and her modest outlook. Elektro had a chance to catch up with Wonderland after show in LA at Sound Nightclub. Here's what was said.

I had the chance to interview you at Capitol a month before Run dropped. You were pretty nervous/excited about the album’s release. How have things changed for you now that the album is out?

The big change for me was actually when I physically played to an audience for the first time in the US at Coachella.

Is the exposure still surreal or are you getting used to it?

It's still super surreal, the fact that people come to my shows and listen to my music means so much. I don’t think anyone realizes how much it actually does mean.

How was playing Coachella? Was is what you expected it to be like?

It was way more than what I expected. The response was overwhelming and amazing. Everytime I think about it I cant stop smiling. It was perfect.

You’re pretty much at the head of the cool kids table in the electronic music scene. Do you feel comfortable sitting there?

In my mind I am still sitting at the geek table to be honest with you. The minute I believe I am sitting at the cool kids table is the minute I become a dickhead.

I recognized your voice on the NCIS: Ibiza promo. Very funny by the way. What character would you play if on the show?

I would definitely want to play a murderer.

Speaking of cultural relevance, why do you think your album has been so well received?

Because I wrote it from a very honest place. I think when people are completely candid about their feelings, it communicates.

How has your U.S. tour been so far? Any crazy/funny stories you can share with us?

Everytime I play a show I am blown away. If you want to know the crazy stories you should check my snapchat late at night after the shows… when I have drank some vodka :).

Are you working on any new music you can tell us about?

I am constantly writing, nothing I am ready to speak about yet.

Lightning Round:

Drink of choice?

Grey Goose.

Going out or watching Netflix?


What was the last text you sent?

This picture to my manager:

alison text pic

Fill in the blanks:
_____olla____, my name is Alison Wonderland. I like ____pizza_______ and ____puppies______. Tonight I’ll be ______playing hoops at an arcade _______ with _____my friend____. Hopefully I (we) don’t ____end our friendship over how much better at hoops I am____.

Pick Up Alison Wonderland's album 'Run' on iTunes, and listen to the LP's title track below.

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