Grab your surfboard. It’s time to ride the party wave! Your surf instructors will be L D R U & Yahtzel, better known as Carmada. The Australian duo have been tearing up the Aussie scene and have recently made their way to the Americas, most notably at the brand spanking new CRSSD Festival in San DIego. The standout track from their “Maybe” received loads of artist support and festival play this past year. Playing off the track’s success, OWSLA announced the Maybe Remixes EP that is set to drop on April 16.

The first track released from the EP is a remix from fellow Aussies Elk Road and SlumberJack. The tune has a similar trap feel to the original, but with a little bit more grit. The second track is collaboration from JuJu and TrollPhace. This track is drum and bass banger. Both tracks are heaters, pure and simple. Be prepared to rip off your Hawaiian-T real quick.

Track list:
1. Carmada – "Maybe" (Dr. Fresch Remix)
2. Carmada – "Maybe" (TrollPhace & JuJu Remix)
3. Carmada – "Maybe" (Elk Road & Slumberjack Remix)
4. Carmada – "Maybe" (Jesse Slayter Remix)
5. Carmada – "Maybe" (Fred V & Grafix Remix)
6. Carmada – "Maybe" (Getter Remix)
7. Carmada – "Maybe" (Pegboard Nerds Remix)

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