February 4th was a chilly night here in the city, thankfully we had Benny Benassi seemingly ascend from the heavens to save us from the frosty night. The Italian EDM legend brought Lavo to it’s knees and gave us a taste of what it is exactly that has allowed Benny to remain at the head of the game all these years. The swanky New York venue is usually packed on an average evening, but tonight there was barely room to move. Between sky high heels and Gucci cuff links, Benny descended on the anxious crowd to deafening roars and cheers.

As the set began, the energy sky-rocketed from zero to one hundred in seconds flat. People danced, cried, and threw their bodies around in the most violent of ways. You were in the wrong place if you were trying to have a chill evening at a fancy nightspot. There was no way you were walking out of Lavo without a few bumps and bruises that night. You were hit, smacked, and shoved around, but it was all a small price to pay to stand before Benassi on the decks.

He dropped hit after hit, mixed old with new, and kept the party poppin’ to the early morning hours. “Satisfaction”, “I Love My Sex”, and “Perfect Storm” sparked chaos in the packed basement. Most people in that room grew up with those Benassi super tracks had been waiting their whole lives to hear them in person. Hopefully we won’t have to wait long for Benassi to grace us with his presence again because this idol is un-comparable to any DJ or producer on the planet and has always been in a league of his own. Friday night proved, not that there was any doubt, that Benassi is indeed the bonafide poster child of EDM.

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