Swedish superstar DJ-producer Avicii has been one of the EDM world's biggest names for years now. Since the infamous track "Levels" broke Avicii into the mainstream, he's also become an icon of the entire music industry. Over the years, we've seen his sounds transform from his own brand of house music to his Americana-influenced dance music style. All throughout, he has remained in the top tier of EDM artists.

Following the success of his 2013 album True, Avicii is getting set to release his next album. While the album, titled Stories, does not yet have a release date, Avicii is sure to have a plethora of new music to share as he makes his rounds at some of the world's biggest dance music festivals this summer, including Electric Daisy Carnival: Las Vegas, Tomorrowland and Creamfields.

To get fans ready for this new release, and to celebrate one of the most iconic artists in the game, we're bringing you our selections for the top 10 Avicii songs. On the list, you'll find a range of popular hits, throwback tracks and unforgettable classics. Check out our selections and listen to each track below!

  • "Hey Brother"

    Kicking off our top 10 songs list from Avicii is one of the most popular singles from True. "Hey Brother" sees vocals provided by bluegrass artist Dan Tyminski, and served as a prime example of Avicii's new Americana-influenced brand of dance music. The track's catchy, uplifting horn melody made this track one of the most memorable from the 2013 full-length release.

  • Tom Hangs and Shermanology - "Blessed" (Avicii Edit)

    This collaboration from Avicii's secondary moniker, Tom Hangs and Dutch trio Shermanology is a throwback, but certainly a necessary inclusion on our top 10 Avicii songs list. It's uplifting, feel-good synths and rhythm make this not only an Avicii classic, but an EDM classic. It's unforgettable melody warrants replay after replay.

  • "Levels"

    When the music historians of the future look back at the beginning of the EDM explosion, they'll find Avicii's "Levels." It's a track that became one of the most popular songs in the music world back in 2011, dominating radio play and support from constant play from the biggest DJs in the world. It's the track that boosted the Swedish superstar's name to the level it is at today, making it the essential addition to our top 10 Avicii songs list.

  • "Dear Boy"

    Teaming up with vocalist Karen Marie Ørsted, better known by her stage name MØ, "Dear Boy" is the most underrated track on his popular 2013 release True. Complete with infectious melodies, catchy hooks and feel-good, dance-y drops, this track remains amongst Avicii's most memorable ones to date.

  • "Silhouettes"

    "Silhouettes" is another classic track from Avicii. It comes with its unforgettable lyrics and brilliant synth progressions, and will bring you back to the first times that you ever heard Avicii.

  • Tim Berg - "Seek Bromance"

    People who might not be familiar with Avicii's older work may not know that he's been a catchy melody wizard since before his breakthrough to the mainstream. This is another fine example of that. "Seek Bromance" supplies the sound that made dance music fans first fall in love with Avicii in the first place.

  • "Wake Me Up"

    While it may not be his most memorable work, "Wake Me Up" is a track belongs on the top 10 Avicii songs list. It's the first example of Avicii's new sound and style that fans were exposed to. When unexpectedly premiered at Ultra Music Festival in 2013, it was received with negativity and criticism. However, the track would go on to become a huge hit that dominated the airwaves, and fans quickly fell in love with Avicii's new Americana-influenced sound.

  • "Fade Into Darkness"

    Take another trip down memory lane with this track. "Fade Into Darkness" is yet another example of Avicii's uplifting sound, supplying its floaty melody with its piano progressions and dance-y rhythm. This is one long-time Avicii fans will always love.

  • "You Make Me"

    "You Make Me" marks one of the most memorable tracks from True. Teaming up with vocalist Salem Al Fakir, the track brings powerful piano progressions, infectious drops and catchy vocals together for a song that supplies something for everyone. Once again, Avicii shows he's the king of unforgettable melodies.

  • Avicii and Nicky Romero - "I Could Be The One"

    Concluding our top 10 Avicii songs list is the massive collaboration with Nicky Romero, "I Could Be The One." This track marked a union of two of the biggest EDM stars at the time of its release in 2012. Previously known as "Nicktim" (a combination of both artists' first names), the track became "I Could Be The One" when vocals by Noonie Bao were added to the track. Garnering support from a variety of the biggest names in the industry, this one became a festival anthem.

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