After premiering on Pete Tong’s Radio 1 a couple of weeks ago, Avicii’s first studio track in a long time is finally out on iTunes here. “Wake Me Up” is a total stylistic departure from the Swede’s now iconic (for better or worse) signature style. It seems Avicii drew inspiration from somewhere in the Southwest of Deep South, taking Nashville-esque vocals and guitars that remind us of Mumford and Son to pack a soulful touch. After opening with a soothing country riff that beckons listeners to “wake [me] when it’s all over”. The lyrics may be speaking to the producer’s stylistic change and are followed by a bombastic punch of melodies fit for any big-room. If Avicii’s UMF performance is any indication, the track and the producer’s upcoming album will provide much for us to think and talk about. Check out the track below!

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