Germany’s Andre Tanneberger (better known as ATB) has recently announced a four-show stint that is bound to enthrall folks. For over 15 years ATB has been crafting free-falling electro anthems full of rich textures and escalating time signatures, helping to make his eight studio albums in-demand successes. Those anticipating his new album CONTACT (due out early 2014) can experience a first preview of the album’s songs at one of the stops on the ATB In Concert tour, which comes to four cities: San Fran, LA, Chicago and New York beginning October 4.

Check out this teaser video detailing what you can expect from the full on Insomniac-backed production, which includes 30 crew members, a full band and a whole lot of cranking beats.

ATB also lists some of the supreme talent that will be invading the stages with him.

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