Armin van Buuren brought his Armin Only: Intense press conference to the Foundation Room at the House of Blues Chicago. Here a crowd of about 100 people gathered, (some who have been waiting in line for nearly 5 hours to meet their Idol Armin) and about 10 media personnel sat on the panel to ask Armin questions about his upcoming worldwide Armin Only: Intense tour. This will be unlike anything else any DJ has ever done. Grammy Nominated Armin van Buuren is bringing along 6 live vocalists (Cindy Alma, Trevor Guthrie, Fiora Cutler, Richard Bedford, Lauren Evans, and Laura Jansen), a full band, dancers, and acrobatics. What makes this tour so special is that it’s not preprogramed, Armin couldn’t stress enough that every city will be a different set. He will be taking a crew of 35 people to help put on his masterpiece that is rumored to have the largest dj booth to ever exist. His 5 hour solo non preprogramed set will be hitting 6 cities in North America in 2014:

11-04-2014 New York, USA
17-04-2014 Chicago, USA
19-04-2014 Toronto, Canada
01-05-2014 San Jose, USA
03-05-2014 Vancouver, Canada
09-05-2014 Los Angeles, USA

Be sure to get your tickets to this massive tour brought to you by Live Nation and Alda Events.

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