The Armin track "Ping Pong" has become an anthem for the legendary trance artist, becoming an integral piece of his sets since its premiere at last year's Amsterdam Dance Event. Now, Dani Deahl, who brought us the "Purrrrnt Up" remix of Justice's "We Are Your Friends," has taken liberties with the track. Once Dani put her signature trap twist on the track, it ended up in the hands of Armin himself.

Dani told her followers on Reddit how the track made its way to AvB:

Hey all - I wanted to share this story because I know how far away and out of reach big label releases can seem. About a month ago I was preparing to go to a boat party on the first nice Sunday we had here in Chicago and as I was out the door, decided to stay home and work on music.
I told myself since I was missing out on Sunday Funday I had to make the day count - so I sampled the 'pong' sound from Armin Van Buuren's "Ping Pong" on the breakdown, re-wrote the melody and made a twerk remix of it that afternoon. I was really happy with it and thought it would be a good free download for my Soundcloud.
Without me knowing about it, one of my friends sent it to Armada and they loved it and promised to issue a contract for it...which they actually did about a week later. I now have an official Armin remix for "Ping Pong" coming out on Armada on July 28th. It's the biggest release I've ever had and all based off a random bootleg I made in the span of about six hours. I still am having a hard time believing it's happening.
It was really reassuring to me that a label of Armada's stature was willing to take a chance and invest in an artist they knew nothing about and back a bootleg that happened to come their way. I know a lot of us (including myself) can feel like there are a million doors to get to the inner sanctum of some of these big labels and this was a refreshing moment where it wasn't about the politics. They just cared about the music, and they listened. There is hope - keep sending those demos in - you never know what will happen!

Just an anecdotal piece of inspiration for all you aspiring producers out there. Check out the track above, and make sure to download it on iTunes here.

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