UK electronic rock pioneers Apollo 440 have returned to the musical fray after nearly a decade of silence with new album The Future’s What It’s Used To Be, and those curious to listen in on the veterans’ return can tune in on their label Radikal Records’ SoundCloud page.

Apollo 440 is a name that will be familiar with those who’ve been listening to dance music since the late 90s, responsible for killer anthems like Ain’t Talkin’ ‘bout Dub and Stop The Rock, as well as pioneering the electronic-rock crossover sound alongside the likes of The Prodigy, not to mention paving the way for the likes of drum n’ bass metalheads Pendulum.

Though their music was always staunchly rooted in club music, they also brought a strong ‘band’ feel to the proceedings that transitioned extremely well to the live stage, and this approach has been maintained on the new album.

Apollo 440’s returned is timed with the ‘EDM’ explosion North America, though instead of trying to emulate the dubstep revolution that’s been spearheaded by Skrillex and is ripping across the nation, they’ve stuck firm to their electro-rock roots on The Future’s What It’s Used To Be.

Does Apollo 440 have what it takes to return to their former glories? Listen for yourself and see:

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