Fresh off a sold out Ship2Ship Tour, Anna Lunoe is back at it with another stacked release. Her single "Heartbreak In Motion" has been graced with a remix package stacked with renditions by quality producers, each who put their own unique spin on the hit tune.

German producer LCAW tones down the overall feel of the original that leaves an atmospheric and stripped down remix aimed at those 3 am DJ sets that take you into the early morning after a long night. From the subtle synth melody to the steady percussion, the simplicity of this remix is what makes it so brilliant as he lets each aspect of the track shine through.

Putting a completely different twist on the track, the LA-based production duo Gladiator drops the bpm of the original and transports the track to the hip-hop oriented realm. A mellow build drops straight into a hard-hitting trap beat that can be played at the main stage or at your next house party. It has that stylistic LA trap feel that is heating up in SoCal recently, and is jam-packed with energy.

Another Cali homie to take on remix honors is the newcomer Clovds who completely reconstructs the original with his R&B flavor that brings out the sensual emotion of the vocals. A spin that completely transforms the tune into an arousing ballad of love. Straight up baby-making music on this one.

Brooklyn bounce aficionado Codes adds a garage-centric beat, which is a breathe of fresh air for any percussion fanatic. A beat that carries the remix to a place where vitality and allure grab you by the ears and make you dance. It’s clear that Codes’ style of production is reminiscent of classic dance styles. It's always great to hear a producer who focuses on what made this counter-culture music so popular in the first place, rhythm that takes over your whole body.

Anna Lunoe's music takes on a persona of gritty late night underground raves, while also emitting a catchy melody with mass appeal. The Aussie import has been making serious moves in recent years and is showing no signs of slowing down. Be sure to grab this one on Beatport or iTunes today!

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