The Canadian duo of Christian Strigley and Leighton James aka Adventure Club have been championing the Melodic Dubstep movement since their remix of Brand New's "Daisy" in 2009. They’re most famous for “Lullabies” and their remix of Flight Facilities ft. Giselle's “Crave You” which has garnered over 30 million plays on Youtube/Soundcloud.

You remixed Giselle's vocals from "Crave You." Is there a possibility for a collaboration in the future?

Christian: I’d be interested in working with Giselle in the future.

Leighton: Definitely.

Producers often refer to a flow they get in when creating music. What do you do to get yourself in that creative headspace?

Christian: Any time we really want to make a hit, or something we want to be proud of something has to be sacrificed, like a baby animal. Usually a goat.

Leighton: Definitely the goat. We used a goat to make Lullabies. It’s hard finding good goat.

Christian: A baby goat. Purer blood.

Leighton: The purer the blood, the stronger the hit. That’s all that matters.

Is there anything specific you’re exploring artistically right now?

Christian: We’re open to go down any avenue right now. We’re not trying to stray away from the dubstep/female vocals.

Leighton: Yea we love that stuff.

Christian: We’ve been exploring that for three or four years and that’s opened up so many genres that we want to explore.

Leighton: No matter what you try to do you’re going to get a little bit of resistance, but they way we look at it we’re trying to explore the music with our fans. There’s a lot of new people getting into the scene.


Photo by Jesse Wheaton

Christian: Right, its an old scene but its booming now.

We’re all growing together, we’re all experimenting together.

When you were first rising that dubstep female vocal sound was also getting really popular, in 2014 is there any sound you’re excited about?

Leighton: I don’t know what specifically to call it but its a cross between a deep house tune and a love trap tune. I like dudes like Jacque Green who use a lot of R&B in their songs. I’m a big Cyril Hahn fan. Wonder was definitely Cyril Hahn influenced.

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