Electric Forest describes Lindsay Lowend’s music as “Jazz fusion and a Super Nintendo.” The 21-year-old out of DC has been developing a cult-like following with his eclectic releases, spanning from cashmere cat-esque bedroom cuddle beats like “GT40″ to straight grime on “Ashtray.” When he announced he was taking a break from releasing tracksearlier this year so he could focus on studying people flipped out. Luckily, he’s back with more music and a tour schedule. This is one of my favorite interviews I’ve had the pleasure to conduct. The kid’s going places.

So, I saw your set. Are you a fan of Cashmere Cat much?

Oh yeah. We have a… I’m not gonna say too much about it, its an R&B vocalist I’ve been a big fan of since I was 15, 14, a long-ass time.

R. Kelly.

Not R. Kelly, but its an awesome guy and me and Cashmere Cat produced the beat for him and it's a smash. It's an awesome song. I’m really excited about it.

People have been describing his music as cute, which may or may not be fair.

Yeah cute, future bass.

Literally everything is future bass.

I know, its like ‘uh there’s bass in it and its future,’ whatever that means.

Subgenres are hard. You invented 'Neon Music.'

The reason I said that is because I didn’t know what my music was. The closest thing I could think of was Instrumental Hip-Hop, which it's not. So I said Neon because when I get super blazed at night and listen to that kind of music all I see in my head is Rainbow Road from Mario Kart.

I want to open up a venue that’s basically Rainbow Road. The ground is plexiglass and the walls are all the stars. It would give people mad seizures.

Can you describe Neon Music with a string of adjectives?

Playful. Jovial. I would even say exuberant, flamboyant. Upbeat, its usually pretty fast-paced. Optimistic, hopeful. Anything by guys like Wave Racer, Bowen. This guy Maxo I like a lot. It doesn't take itself to seriously. It's not super emotional, its fun and spontaneous. I would say the big emphasis is harmony. I love harmony, man.

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