When listening to an Above & Beyond production, the lyrics seem to dance through your head and create a picture of something far outside of a typical club or festival. This is why fans are attracted to the EDM supergroup; they capture big ideas and put them in a way to make you think differently.

Tony McGuiness of A&B said, "Someone told me recently that the lyrics to 'On My Way To Heaven' sound like a Shakespearean soliloquy set to music", so it fits that they would cast a well-known Shakespearean actor to act out their latest hit off their Group Therapy album. Famed British actor Steven Berkoff, of "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" and "A Clockwork Orange" fame, was the first choice for the video, and Tony calls it "a nightmare come true" that he took the part.

Berkoff plays the Shakespearean thespian that is tortured by the inner demons the song describes, and the action goes along with every high and low of the song. Check out Berkoff's performance in the video here.

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