In anticipation for the May 21st release of what already feels like a classic, 'Random Access Memories,' the world is going on a voluntary binge on everything Daft Punk. Recently dug up from the interweb crates is a year-old post on The Daft Club, in which Agent RayBans compiled an incredible retrospective on the French duo’s iconic helmets. Going through the beginnings of the complex helmets, to Discovery, transition stages, Tron, and beyond, the collection is a heart-warming novelty for hardcore fans, who melt at the mere sight of the iconic masks. Along with album-by-album helmet breakdowns, the post also features other detailed information like accessories, cost, and history. Although you’re probably already bursting at the seams from Daft punk excitement, make sure to check out this neat history in RAC anticipation! Check out the original Daft Club article here.

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