Dance music trend-setter A-Trak has only tightened his grip on the cultural handle of dance music with his video for "Push" that breaks the mold of tradition and throws stylistic norms out the window. Director Ramon Ayala creates a dreamlike, indulgent world that reveals a party of truly eccentric, yet fashionable individuals. "My approach to dance music has always been a bit left, so the last thing I wanted was one of those sparkler bottle 'lets make this night live forever!' videos," says A-Trak. "Instead, I wanted to make something with the opulence of a rap video, but shot like a renaissance painting. It's kind of like Eyes Wide Shut meets Burning Man." Starring ATL producer TM88 (808 Mafia), a cast of European semi-nude models, and a tiger, A-Trak's "Push" challenges the boundaries of classification and makes for one of the more entertaining videos of the year.

The tune, which features vocalist Andrew Wyatt of Miike Snow, sets the stage for A-Trak's new vision of dance music and only deepens his catalogue of hit tunes.

Purchase "Push" along with remixes from GANZ, The Chainsmokers, DallasK, Cazzette, and Shash'U, on iTunes.