A-Trak, one of the most skilled DJs in the game, has partnered with Grand Marnier as part of their new Blend Out campaign. A most appropriate union, when the message is about blending...

A-Trak is truly a master of the mix. His smooth transitions and exceptional scratches have made him a legend in the dance music world. You can see why for yourself in the video above. The clip takes viewers inside A-Trak's psyche as he explains his approach to connecting styles and sounds, and showcases his incredible skill on the turntables. A-Trak diehards will pick up that the video features the Fool's Gold Records head reworking his collaboration with GTA, "Landline 2.0," off the Tuna Melt EP.

Grand Marnier also tapped an elite beatboxer, who is put to the test as he spends his night spitting beats against EDM, jazz, country and salsa music. Pretty dope stuff, especially if you're into drum-n-bass–infused country music.

Check it all out at the official Grand Marnier Blend Out page, or join the conversation using hashtags #blendout and #grandmarnier.

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