Where are you from? I was born in Australia but I moved to California by age 2 and grew up here, so I would say I am from San Francisco bay area.

At what age did you start DJing? I started learning to DJ probably around 20 something...was always a producer first and didn't really get into DJing more seriously until 2 years ago.

Tell us about your first experience DJing? It was at a local bar, there was probably about 5 people on the dancefloor...but nonetheless I was really excited about it! Also tried to do some live stuff w a keyboard & Ableton...didn't work out so well haha

How did you feel when Tiësto first played your track? Pretty shocked, I've been following his music since a long time ago so to have him support my music was really crazy. I can't quite remember but I think the first thing he played was on his Club Life show.

When did you quit working as an EMT and begin doing music full time? I quit the company I was working for back in November and started focusing more on my music and DJing. My schedule is a bit all over the place, so it would be difficult to try and maintain that job...although I still have my EMT license, so if I feel like being a hero on the street, I will! Just kidding...I'll just give you a band-aid probably :)

What's your process when making bootlegs? Do artists now ask you to include their songs? With the amount of tracks that get played so often these days, I try to bring something different to the tracks, instead of hearing the same version over and over by every DJ. I take elements from different tracks that I like and put to together in a fun way, usually something surprising and a way you have have never heard it. On top of that, its a way to keep my sets fresh. I always have new ones for every show I play, so my set lists are always getting updated.

How does it feel to have your "Wonderwall 2Nite" bootleg become one of the most-played festival tracks? Can you tell when completing a bootleg that it's going to blow up? Amazing! Wonderwall is one of my all time favorite records, what better way is there to bring it back right? I just make them for myself and send it to a handful of DJs, people seem to like them so I put it up on my soundcloud. But I have no idea if something is going to "blow up", all I know is that I enjoy playing them.

In the last few months you've put out an EP and your first single – what's next in terms of original productions? Whose musical style do you hope to emulate (if anyone)? Since the last single, I've done quite a few remixes...so look out for those really soon. Musical style...I just make what I am feeling, so it varies, as you will hear with some of the upcoming releases :)

If you could have one superhero power, what would it be? The ability to fly, I hate traffic.

Favorite Sneakers? Vans

What can't leave home without? Cell phone

First DJ you ever saw live? Where? My friend at a house party

Favorite piece of DJ equipment? Why? CDJ 2000, why? Rekordbox!

What DJ do you want to:

Hug? Dada Life

Party With? Steve Aoki

DJ alongside live? Pryda, now that he is in the states, so I can check out the show afterwards!

What can people expect from your set at Arrival July 4th? Some new remixes & some new fun edits! Maybe I'll MC Lil Jon's set!

What are your plans for the rest of 2012? New original music, travel, and work hard.

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