It’s 5am. Your shirt is soaked through with sweat, your energy level is waning and damn are you hungry! The bouncers are ushering hoards of people off the dance floor, out the door and into the dawn. But holy hell! That natural light of day is tough on the eyes. Shade yourself --and look cool doing it-- with these five pairs of club-worthy sunglasses.


The Watsget Equalizers

These shades offer zero UV protection, but that doesn’t matter because they’re meant to be worn indoors, in the dark. The Watsgets light up when under black lights and create the illusion of syncing up with whatever beats are being blasted in the general direction of your face.

Watsget Equalizer WG2-21M, $150, Available at


The Juan Jovi

Southern California’s Crap Eyewear makes, as they say, “wild sunglasses for wild people.” That’s you. Rock their heavy duty, ultra-dark Juan Jovis after a wild (maybe too wild) night out and experience all the UV protection, hinge flexibility (“for big domes”) and badass anonymity for that often excrusiating "walk of shame."

Juan Jovi by Crap Eyewear, $54 Available at


Black Bar Sunglasses

Censoring yourself with this pair of joke-ey shades will make you a star on the dance floor. These Black Bars don’t offer any UV protection, but they will protect your identity when flashbulbs go off as you exit the party. A Nero favorite!

Censor Bar Sunglasses, $10, Available at


The Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Obviously ubiquitous, but no other shades say, “I didn’t have to think about this style decision at all and yet I look fantastic,” louder than the go to Ray-Ban Wayfarer. These classic sunglasses have been manufactured since 1956, and they still make everyone who puts them on look like a rock star. They're also compact so you can keep them in a your pocket all night until steppng out into the harsh morning light.

RayBan Wayfarer, $145, Available at


Burberry Foldable Sunglasses

Burberry has not only created a line of Italian-made fluorescent shades (ranging in hues from purple to yellow to orange) perfect for high brow club wear, they’ve also gotten the memo that the dance floor can be a rowdy place, and have thus made this style foldable. Slip them into a protective pocket and avoid the risk of losing your shades to the crowd while dropping it low.

Burberry Brightly Colored Foldable Sunglasses, $340, Available at

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