Zeds Dead stands out as one of the main artists who seem to always push music production to new levels. With their new EP, aptly titled ‘Somewhere Else,’ they continue to advance their sound and style. The production duo of Dylan aka DC and Zach aka Hooks never sought out to change electronic music or create a movement, they just wanted to make music they loved. Over the years their dedication to their craft has formed a coalition of like minded fans who support them with the same amount of devotion that they put into their music. By fusing early hip-hop influences with their passion for music production they continue to create music that truly has their unique Zeds Dead flavor.

We got a chance to chat with the guys about their upcoming 'Somewhere Else EP' and also some of their influences that helped shape the Zeds Dead sound that we know and love. Here is what they had to say...


When did you guys first realize you could team up and start producing music together?

DC: After we met we realized we had similar taste in music and we were both starting to get into production at the same time. Zach was the only one I knew who was into the whole production thing like I was and we realized that we make the same kind of stuff and we’re both huge hip-hop fans so maybe should team up and pool our music together. So thats when we started our first project, Mass Productions.

Hooks: Yeah, when we first started hanging out, Dylan had this garage that people would hang out in and listen to music and stuff. He got me to do graffiti inside on the wall and it was actually one of the first pieces I had painted. I was there, like, every day that week working on it. Thats when we started really hanging out and realized we had the same taste in music.


Zeds Dead really has come a long way from that garage, now you are major headliners at festivals. What's it like seeing Zeds Dead at the top of the festival lineup?

DC: Its incredible and its something that I had never expected. I thought that making music, being in the music industry, and being a producer, I thought that I would be making music for other artists. I just thought I’d be a studio guy if I had ever really made it in the music business but, we get to be the guys in front of our music and it has definitely been unexpected.

Hooks: Its crazy to play these main stages where we’re petty much the only guys that play bass music. A lot of the others artists are playing very big vocal tunes and house music, solely, and we’re playing some dubstep, drum and bass and some hip hop stuff. Its amazing to get that chance to put that many people on to a variety of music. Dropping music for 60,000 people is insane because these are tracks that we’ve made in our houses and when we get to see all these people listening and dancing, and some knowing the words, its a very surreal experience being up there having that many people looking at you.