With low lighting in a blue hue, the one and a half minute video takes fans inside the Frost Week headlining tour of our favorite Canadian duo. The cities Zeds Dead hit along the tour include Waterloo, Montreal and London. The chilly video makes sure to include “more” to the announcement, so fortunately some of you can prepare for some more exciting news in the near future.

Having had a career through both the rise and downfall of dub-step in mainstream dance music, Zeds Dead has consistently proven themselves as remarkable performers. Their charisma on stage and ability to conjoin current popular tastes with their familiar grimy roots makes them a favorite at any festival – indeed at any tour or show they headline. Even in the dead of winter, the boys have a way of stirring up heat. “Fuego!”

In total, the collage of show footage mixed with the deep track “You Know” co-produced by Zeds Dead and Oliver Heldens, provides an eerily satisfying glimpse into what it feels like to be at their shows. From the impressively produced footage, the viewer is taken from staring at the computer screen to the dark, laser brimmed venues of Zeds Dead past. Lights reflect in your eyes, images become blurred, and the beat has a subtle way of making you want to bob your head. With those cheeky smiles and quick glimpses into their sweaty, mobbing-deep crowds – it has fans wondering when Zeds Dead will be hitting their hometowns again.