The much anticipated remix package for Zedd's smash-hit with Foxes, "Clarity," has finally been released. The package contains reworks by Tiesto, Style Of Eye, Brillz, and even a remix by Zedd himself. Tiesto brings his signature festival-friendly, electro-house stylings, creating a track that can move the oceans of EDM fans that migrate to his shows. With its energetic, pulsating drop, you can expect this track to become a staple of the biggest EDM festivals. Style of Eye gives the track a heavy dose of electro with its grinding breakdown that combines with stadium sized synth for a big room banger. Brillz runs the trap with his reworking, supplying the most twerk-friendly version of the track. The last remix featured on the package is Zedd's "Union mix"of the track, which is a beautiful acoustic version that sees a harmonious blending of Foxes' vocals with piano and orchestral strings. Check out all of the remixes of "Clarity" below.

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