Well, here it is; the trailer for the long-awaited EDM movie starring Zac Efron. We're finally getting our first glimpse into dance music's Hollywood debut. 'We Are Your Friends,' directed by Max Joseph (from MTV's hit show 'Catfish'), is the story of an aspiring DJ-producer, Cole Carter (played by Efron), as he attempts to make his way to EDM stardom, as he is forced to deal with love triangles, unravelling friendships and struggling to find his own sound, inspiration and way to success in the industry... all while wearing headphones the whole time.

The trailer presents us with some pretty familiar stereotypes of EDM. While the trailer has been received with a ton of negativity and criticism, it seems to be a pretty accurate representation of the road to success in the dance music world. For example, stating that it only takes "one track" to reach that success is far from a stretch. Countless artists have made their careers from one big track. A lot of EDM fans were ticked off at the movie's perception that it only takes "a laptop and some talent" to make it as well. However, in a world where ghost producers exist, one can't really argue this one either.

Of course these are over-generalizations. The EDM scene is loaded with tons of extremely talented individuals who have longevity. Obviously, that doesn't make for a great Hollywood movie storyline. Our initial reaction to the film? Looks corny as hell, but we'll reserve judgement until we see the actual movie.

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