Dutch trap trio Yellow Claw have been touring the globe for the past few months. For those who are not lucky to have seen the group in action recently, one of the tracks they've had in their live arsenal is a brand new track with Skrillex. The video above, which contains a preview of the track, is not great quality, but it does reveal that this track is going to be absolutely sick. Take a listen above (with headphones for best listening experience).

Who isn't Skrillex working with nowadays? Aside from joint ventures with Diplo on Jack U and Boys Noize on Dog Blood, he has a heap of new music alongside other producers coming our way.

While touring in Iceland, Skrillex treated the crowd to a preview of his forthcoming collaboration with Wiwek, who was there to capture it all on Instagram. This preview shows that this forthcoming collaboration is going to be a perfect union of both Skrillex’s signature sound and Wiwek’s brand of “Jungle Terror” music. He recently told Billboard in their exclusive interview that he will be releasing music from this forthcoming track’s collaborator Wiwek, as well as a new album from Kill The Noise — and that’s just on the OWSLA side.

While performing at a show in Boulder, CO, Jauz ended his show by treating fans to a first-listen of his forthcoming collaboration with the OWSLA frontman, which also features vocals by Fatman Scoop. On top of that, Skrillex will also be working with disco-pioneering legend Giorgio Moroder on composing the score for the TRON video game.

Skrillex has certainly established himself the king of the collab. Needless to say, 2015 is going to be an exciting year for Skrillex and his fans. Stay tuned for more information on these forthcoming releases to come soon.

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