One of the great things about electronic music is the fact that all it takes to become a producer is a love and understanding of the music and some production software... that, and a lot of time to practice and hone your production skills. This is why we're seeing a lot of young talent coming out, and gaining popularity through the internet. Names like Madeon, Porter Robinson, and Walden, just to name a few, have established themselves as electronic DJ/producers before the age of 20. Now, we have NickNack, a DJ/Producer from Sacramento, California. While only 19 years of age, he has over 4 years of DJ-ing experience. His remix of Will.I.Am and Eva Simmons' "This is Love" shows that he certainly knows what he's doing. The production on this club banger is of professional status, as he puts his own housey spin on the track. The overwhelming synth on the track give it a rave-like sound, and the energy the track would need to rock club sound systems. NickNack may very well be the newest of the young blood to shine on the grand EDM stage.

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