"Electronic Dance Music icon Tiësto is recognized for more than just his work and impact within the electronic music scene. In the past year, the artist has utilized his massive influence towards increasing funds and awareness in the global fight against AIDS. Last year on World AIDS Day, Tiësto presented the first Dance (RED) Save Lives compilation album. Produced by Musical Freedom in collaboration with (RED) and Recreation Worldwide, the compilation album featured tracks from a variety of leading electronic artists. The album skyrocketed to first place on iTunes dance charts in 33 countries, effectively strengthening the role electronic dance culture has in the global fight against AIDS.
As of today, the Dance (RED) Save Lives album has contributed, along with a generous donation from Tiësto, $500,000 for the Global Fund; money used to finance essential programs which provide prevention, treatment, counseling, HIV testing and care services
Due to the massive and ongoing success of last year’s album, (RED) and Recreation Worldwide will release a second compilation album, Dance (RED) Save Lives2 , once again on World AIDS Day, December 1, 2013. The upcoming album will feature an exclusive remix of Tiësto’s “Love and Run” alongside tracks from today’s top dance music artists. There’s no doubt that this release and its call for youth action against AIDS will tap into the empathetic nature that so embodies today's electronic dance community, and in doing so, will bring us closer to ending this degenerative disease once and for all."

Words by: Julian Rodriguez

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