We recently caught up with Atlanta based group WatchTheDuck.  With their highly anticipated debut album right around the corner - this genre bending trio is showing no signs of stopping.

For those unfamiliar, who makes up WatchTheDuck

Jesse Rankins, Eddie Smith III, Jonathan Wells, and theDuck.   We also have a production partner Oscar White, who’s also a part of WatchTheDuck from behind the scenes (at the moment)

How did you guys actually decide to form the group?

We were a production crew first, submitting tracks and songs for other artists to record.  We began hearing music a certain way but it was hard to convince other artist to take a chance on our sound.  Jesse would do the vocal demos and we noticed whenever someone re-recorded it,  the song didn’t have the same feeling.  So to present the ideas the way we really wanted to, we had to do it ourselves.... and WatchTheDuck was formed.

It’s very refreshing to hear such a different take on party music. You guys are blending so many different styles – without putting yourself in a “box” how would you describe the “WatchTheDuck” Sound?

First of all, thank you! Glad that it feels refreshing to you.

We try not to describe our own music after it’s released.  It just doesn’t feel like our place to describe it.  That’s up to the person listening.  We’ve heard so many different descriptions now that we’ve started feeling like it’s 'mirror music' because people hear the genre they like the most in it.