Aside from his incredible productions, part of the reason we love Dillon Francis so much is for his off-stage antics. Always known to be an outrageous individual, Dillon Francis' merchandise site (featured on contains a section titled "Awesome Shit", and is named as such for good reason. In this section, fans can purchase various actions from Dillon. Among the wide selection of different actions offered from Mr. Francis are having Dillon paint a picture of your family, put together your Ikea bed, comb your girlfriends hair, ruin your Stepdad's Christmas, remake the trailer for the film "Jerry Maguire" shot for shot, babysit your kid, and even join the army. While the price ranges of some of these stunts may be out of many people's budgets, it is comforting to know that Dillon's next single can be named after you, or that if you really wanted it bad enough, he will sing a cover and make a video of Katy Perry's "Firework" dressed as a pirate. Just another piece of the ever-growing legacy of Dillon Francis. Check out the full list of Dillon Francis' "Awesome Shit" here.