Rory Frank "RJ" Mitte III, best known for his big break as "Walter Jr." from AMC's cult series Breaking Bad is jumping on the decks to headline a Breaking Bad themed party on April 10 in NYC.  The event is cleverly titled "Breaking Beats" and will be presented by clothing line "Good Looks New York" and promotions company "Decadence."

Up until now, RJ has been known to make audiences laugh with classic lines like "This tastes like Band-aids," "I'm pissed off cause you're a p----," and "Mom wants to partaaaayy!" but this marks a new chapter of his life, showing that if RJ can garner extended screen time and a headlining set time despite his battle with Cerebral Palsy.

Mitte now joins the extended cast of unlikely public figures to take a shot at the elusive world of DJing such as Usain Bolt, Paris Hilton, Liam Payne and Game of Throne's Kristian Nairn.  Despite all of these characters' previous successes, it's great to see celebrities of all calibers taking on new musical endeavors (even if the results aren't fantastic).

So if you're going to be in New York on April 10 for Spring Break or something (though we'd recommend a warmer destination), be sure to hit up the legendary B.B. King's Blues Club in Times Square, to hopefully catch RJ in the swanky polka dotted handkerchief he's seen sporting in the event's flyer. Funny, we thought Gale Boetticher was the only character with some musical prowess... I guess we were wrong.