Electronic duo, MGMT, burst onto the scene with their iconic first album “Oracular Spectacular" in 2007. The immense talent of these college roommates, who simply began sharing music with no intentions to start a band, seems like a pairing written in the stars. Songs like “Electric Feel," “Kids," and “Time To Pretend,” brought an unprecedented amount of attention to EDM by the mainstream. They achieved in one album what most EDM artists hope to achieve their entire career. Their next album “Congratulations,” released in 2010 is a solid album, but in no way came close to the success of “Oracular Spectacular." This is due to unrealistic expectations and an unimaginable pressure to achieve the same heights of their first album. After a three year break, MGMT is finally back putting their final touches on a new album to be released in June. Influences and inspirations they have cited are Aphex Twin and house music. Aphex Twin, the godfather of house music innovation, has not only mentored, but also inspired artists that are now huge stars of EDM, namely Skrillex. As if the hype for a new MGMT album wasn’t already widespread, this news of an Aphex Twin and house music influence is sure to make us MGMT fans combust with excitement. Courtesy of

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