Ultra Music Festival Founder/CEO, Russell Faibisch, and Ultra Music President, Patrick Moxey, have announced today that Ultra Music and Ultra Music Festival (UMF) will be combining to form what is being called a "global alliance" – look out world. The two independent companies will form one of the most powerful independent entities in electronic dance music to date, linking the world’s #1 independent EDM label featuring artists like Deadmau5, Steve Aoki, Kaskade and Calvin Harris with UMF, one of the world’s biggest EDM event brands.

With each company leading its respective industry, during a time when EDM has become a worldwide phenomenon, no other global brand can offer the experience and service to the EDM international fan as these two can. This mega-merger will enhance platforms such as festivals/live events, film/video, live streams, record/music label, publishing, artist and event promotion, marketing and production. Moxey anticipates that this power merger will help develop new innovations to “bridge the gap between the live experience and the recorded music experience around electronic dance music.” Faibisch hopes that this union will help “strengthen one another” and preserve the independent spirit of the electronic scene.

“We are a very proud independent organization and it is critical that we stay true to the music and close to the roots of the culture that we have grown with over the last fifteen years,” adds Faibisch.

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