Tritonal have really taken off lately. Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed are constantly delivering huge tracks and even bigger sets. They just wrapped up their Metamorphic tour which had the duo rocking venues across the USA. Their new track, titled Now Or Never, is an inspirational house anthem with uplifting vocals and a big beat. We had the chance to ask Tritonal a few questions about everything from their tour to dream collaboration. Be sure to check out the interview and exclusive one hour mix from the duo below. Be sure to get their new track Now Or Never on Beatport here.

How has the Metamorphic tour been for you guys?

Wow, what a blessing! Absolutely the biggest tour EVER for Tritonal, and an incredible response! Sold out shows from coast to coast, played to 9,000+ in a park in Honolulu, HI and played EZOO Mainstage for the first time!

You guys seem like you're always working on new tracks. What do you have in the works right now?

So many new ones! Just finishing a Club Mix for our new single "Now Or Never" which is out now and beyond that we're already well on our way to wrapping up METAMORPHIC III! We have a couple new songs for our first compilation album series, TRITONIA as well.

You guys are constantly morphing your sound into something new, what's next? 

We LOVE to change it up! We're currently in a sort of "throwback Tritonal" headspace at the minute to be honest. Musically, we're really focusing on writing good ole' songs, focusing purely on melody and arrangement. We're working with some amazing vocalists, and getting back to our roots. We really did this on Now Or Never, and you can hear our heart in the track. Flipping it on its head for a Club Mix is always fun, and I think allows the fans to see that there are many dimensions to our brand.

Is there an artist you would like to collaborate with that you haven't had the chance to yet?

Oh absolutely! Chris from Coldplay is our DREAM! Gotta keep working to get to that point, ha!

What message do you hope to send to your Tritonians through you music? 

To love one another, to laugh and give freely of yourself. To live your life for today, to not put off for tomorrow what can be accomplished today, and to cherish life! It truly is a blessing, and is so short. We're here today and gone tomorrow, it's #NowOrNever baby!

Exclusive mix from Tritonal:

Tritonal's new track "Now Or Never":