Dinosaurs may be extinct but T.E.E.D. won't be any time soon. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (a mouthful right there), a.k.a. Orlando Higginbottom, is back again, re-releasing his 2010 album "Household Goods" with a new remix package. It's always awesome to hear different takes on the same track and T.E.E.D. has put together an unbelievable new mix, showcasing a knack for reinventing his previously released tracks and giving each one of them an alter-ego. This means bigger tunes, featuring a collection of diverse remixes from an assortment of well-known names – Zinc, Zed's Dead, Lil Silva, Enei and Mano Le Tough. Turning "Zinc" to gold, Zinc's remix premiered on Radio 1 with Skream & Benga, delivering a bouncy, danceable track that we are quite keen on. And Lil Silva, who has been killing it in the blogosphere, adds a bit of electro grime to the "totally enormous" original track. Perhaps saving the best for last, is the Zed's Dead remix, which unfortunately wasn’t included in this preview teaser. Check out the previews of four of the remixes here. The remixes will be available on Beatport next week (August 13th) before the worldwide release on Polydor on the 20th.