Elektro's top tracks of 2014 features a diverse mix of genres and artists that have produced massive releases this past year. With the volume of tracks that dropped in 2014 it was difficult to narrow down a list to satisfy the masses but we think this list is definitely on point. We made sure to include the major hits like 'Runaway (U & I)' by Galantis and 'Faded' by ZHU but we found it important to present you with a wide range of music as well. From Sigma's hit D&B track 'Nobody To Love' to the subtle deep house melody of 'Walking With Elephants' by Ten Walls and the indie dance tune 'Cant Do Without You' by Caribou, all of these productions helped to define the year that was 2014. Get ready for a new year of non-stop releases with Elektro keeping you up to date, every step of the way.

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