One of the biggest rookie mistakes an opening DJ can make is pounding out the biggest peak-time tunes while a sparse crowd of early arrivals lounge around the club trying to check their coat or grab a drink, with dancing being the last thing on their mind.

If you’re an up-and-coming DJ, you can avoid making this mistakes along with others that are committed by first-time offenders by taking advice from such star jocks as Josh Wink, Hector Romero, Mike Huckaby and DJ Dan. Each gives advice based on their personal experiences as opening DJs in a recent blog post by NYC DJ School Dubspot.

Some noteworthy tips include making room for the next DJ in the booth, not dropping the headliners biggest hit right before he goes on and playing something “throwback or silly” to set your mark on the night without messing with the vibe of the whole evening.

To check out more tips from these DJs, head over to the Dubspot website.

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