Since the early days collaborating alongside R&B legend's Aaliyah and Missy Elliott, producer, songwriter and rapper Timbaland has become the King Midas of the music industry – everything he touches turns to gold.

Whether its pop, rap or alternative rock, Timbaland can do it all. He's worked with a long laundry list of celebrity musicians including, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Flo-Rida and Ludacris. And now after 18 years, Timbaland takes on a new genre of music... dubstep.

Just released on Spinnin’ Records is his collaboration with Ian Carey, Rosette and Brasco on a brand new track, “Amnesia,” and while the original house version is catchy enough, it’s Cazzette’s ‘Another Sugar Hunt’ remix that’s got everyone talking, er, head-nodding.

Highligthing the merge of hip-hop and dance music, “Amnesia” provides just enough of the hard beats and twisted melody for dubstep junkies, while the back-track continues maintains a sugar coating, making it more palatable for the mainstream (or "yet to be converted" as I like to call them). Listen for it on dance floors everywhere.

Download on Beatport.

Source: Glow Events