I recently had the opportunity to test out three unique sets of headphones courtesy of House Of Marley (yes, that Marley). Utilizing the ten-plus flight hours from NY to LA and back, I had time to put all three pairs ot the test. First, I started with the Marley Jammin Collection. This first pair, pictured above, is appropriately called the Positive Vibration On-Ear Headphones. For the first three and half hours I indeedhad positive vibrations, jamming out to everything from Skrillex to Alvin Risk to Diplo and more. They were comfortable, the sound quality was great and the looks and comments I was getting from the other passengers – "Where did he get those?" and "What brand is that?" reinforced to me just how unique-looking they are. At a relatively low-priced $59.99 these headphone are a no-brainer buy. Other special elements of these headphones include a gold-plated connector and a fabric covered cord. Read more about the product here.

For the remainder of my trip to LA and part of my trip back to NY, I tested out the Redemption Song In-Ear Headphones. These headphones, pictured above, are part of the Freedom Collection. What's really cool about these is that they comes with five different ear tips to provide custom-fitted comfort and sound isolation. They fit snug lyin my ears and as we hit turbulence, they did not fall out. At a price point of $79.99 they are also affordable. What is really special about these headphones is the polished wood, durable fabric cable and grip notches. If you are looking for a pair of great in-ear headphones with a very different style, these are the ones for you. For more information, go HERE.

For the final leg of my trip, I tried out the People Get Ready In-Ear Headphones from the Jammin Collection. Right out of the box, they fit perfectly in my ears. These headphones come with three sizes of ear tips that help to provide noise cancellation. The noise cancellation was a huge plus for me as I was seated at a window seat over the wings of the plane. However, all I could hear was the music I was listening to – even with a baby crying behind me for what felt like the whole flight. These ear buds also come with a fabric cord, certified sapele and beech woods and the gold plated connector. At a price point of $39.99, these are the most affordable of the bunch. Learn more about the product HERE.

To see more headphones, audio systems and bags, head over to The House Of Marley Official Website.