Seminal music director and house producer THEO will be invading the Fire Island shores this Labor Day Weekend. Fire Island usually home to quiet walks, ocean fishing and house barbecues will be opening up their doors to electronic dance music. The venue looking forward to the new visitors, Flynn's in Ocean Bay Park, has been working hand-in-hand with THEO laying a foundation of big sound, lights and CO2 dancefloors for the party revelers looking to enjoy electronic beats. THEO states "I grew up going to Fire Island as a kid and during college years. It's always had a place in my heart and I'm happy that we can throw some amazing events here and also introduce some of the Fire Islanders to some big beats."

Internationally known, Fire Island, does have nightlife and a large history of partying in certain areas especially The Pines and Cherry Grove. However, all day house events are not a regular focus in Ocean Bay Park and THEO's history of establishing successful, long running EDM day parties has been well documented in the Hamptons. "It was time to start something over in Fuego Island," as THEO likes to call it. "I love the people and energy and the management at Flynn's has been top notch and open to change."

So, if you are anywhere on Long Island (from Brooklyn to Montauk) and want to hop on a ferry and enjoy some amazing weather, food and beats. Please go check out Elektro and THEO closing the Summer of 2012 at Flynn's Fire Island, NY for the electronic dance music aficionado.