Remixing The Weeknd is not an easy feat. However, that's just what the Netherlands' Dennis Kruissen and Luxembourg's Chris Meid have done. While you may not recognize these two names, their new collaboration is one that is sure to put their name on your radar. Together, they have successfully transformed The Weeknd's track "Devil May Cry" from the soundtrack for 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' into a deep house creation.

On the track's Soundcloud page, Dennis Kruissen writes, "We both loved the original, and just had to give our own touch to this beautiful song." By remaining true to the original track's powerful and uplifting melody, they throw in some dance flavor by speeding up the tempo and throwing in some house-friendly piano progressions, resulting in a track that is perfect for the feel-good summer vibes. This is likely not the last we're hearing from these up and comers, so watch for them to have a breakout year in 2015.

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