The Chainsmokers recently teamed up with Brooklyn-based electro-pop group Great Good Fine Ok. The single, which is now available on iTunes via Dim Mak Records, sees the group once again venturing outside the realm of EDM for their collaborations. Their union with the fellow-New Yorker group represents The Chainsmokers' unique plan of attack. They could very easily collaborate with some of EDM's biggest names. However, they go the indie route, seeking out the names of artists they admire. This much is evident from their recent collaboration with Bullysongs, "Good Intentions." This track, like most of their other studio creations, brilliantly represents their ability to produce tracks that border on the sound that dance music fans crave while embracing innovation and indie sensibilities. It's certainly a winning combination thus far.

Now, Brooklyn-based group The Golden Pony are getting in on the action, remixing The Chainsmokers' single, "Let you Go," applying it to a club setting. With its deep house/techno feel, this track is now more infectious than its ever been. Transforming tracks into club bangers is nothing that The Golden Pony are rookies at. Anyone that can take "The Sound of Silence" by Simon and Garkunkel and make it a club-friendly creation are a force to be reckoned with. Well this duo have done exactly that. If this track isn't an indication of why you should be on board with The Golden Pony, take a gander at their Soundcloud. We presume that will change your mind, and fast. Stay tuned for more to come from them soon.

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