The collaborative album from Skrillex and Diplo for their supergroup Jack U took over the internet last month, and its presence continues to be felt. The widespread exposure of the Skrillex and Diplo, and the acclaimed album (appropriately titled Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack U) has attracted remixes from both established acts as well as young guns looking to make a name for themselves on the Jack U party wave. The result is a slew of flips, refuxes and remixes that will keep you Jacked Up all day and all night. Here are Elektro’s favorites so far.

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    "Mind" Feat. Kai (Nance + OXV Remix)

    Up-and-coming OXV and Nance remixed the track “Mind,” of the mellower tracks on the Jack U album, into a beach-ready summertime jam. The tropical house remix removes the heavy bass hits of the original and replaces it with drippy synth hits that go perfectly with that margarita in your hand.

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    "Mind" Feat. Kai (SteLouse refux)

    The clear slow jam favorite of the Jack U album is Mind, a la the silky vocals of Kai. Denver bass cadet StéLouse keeps the flame burning slow, but adds a heavy dose of keyboard to keep things chill and trappy.

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    "Where Are U Now" Feat. Justin Bieber (NIGHTOWLS Remix)

    LA-based NIGHTØWLS churn out a house rendition of of the Justin Beiber driven track “Where Are You Now.” The young-gun producers speed up the tempo and throw a wonky melody into the mix that adds a refreshing flavor.

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    "Where Are U Now" Feat. Justin Bieber (Halogen Remix)

    This track belongs on the next Insomniac festival After Movie — the part where the girls are getting ready/just entering the festival grounds. You now what I mean. Halogen, a duo based out of Atlanta, hit this remix on the nose, turning the original slow jam vibes into a euphoric, slow-motion sequence festival banger.

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    "Jungle Bae" (Billion Dollars Remix)

    Swerve, it’s twerking time. Up-and-comer Billion Dollars drops a heater with this remix of “Jungle Bae.” It’s fast, it’s heavy, and it’s tiring, but in all the good ways. Keep an eye out for Billion Dollars in the near future!

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    "Take U There" (Modern Machines Remix)

    NYC duo Modern Machines have been transforming tracks into progressive house/electro house masterpieces for some time now. This new reworking of Jack U shows why they've garnered support from some of the industry's biggest names, including Tiesto, Gareth Emery, Adventure Club and Kaskade just to name a few. This is a remix that would never be out of place at clubs or the biggest EDM festivals alike.

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    "Jungle Bae" (Levianth Remix)

    Levianth brings a certified trap anthem with their remix of "Jungle Bae." With its overpowering synths combining with the track's Trinidadian influence, the resulting rework is a hard-hitting, head-nodding creation that will get crowds moving wherever the track is played.

  • 8

    "Where Are U Now" Feat. Justin Bieber (AEONS Remix)

    AEONS says that they are from the stars. Well that's exactly where this remix takes you. It's ambient, yet dance-y feel supplies a futuristic sound that give you a fantastic new way to enjoy Jack U's collaboration with the Biebs.

  • 9

    "Beats Knockin" (Aylen & Zhomek Remix)

    As if "Beats Knockin" wasn't hype enough, Aylen and Zhomek combine and take the track to the next level. This remix is as energetic as it gets, you'll need a Red Bull just to keep up. If you're a 'Family Guy' fan, you'll find this one especially entertaining.

  • 10

    "Where Are U Now" Feat. Justin Bieber (Rusty Hook Flip)

    Rusty Hook brings a remix of "Where Are Ü Now" that is perfect to turn down to... or not. Whether you're chilling out or turning up, this track is perfect for any situation. Rusty Hook shows off his production skills on this one, proving that the young producer is set to do big things in the electronic music world.