you make me

Diplo Remixes Avicii’s “You Make Me”
Avicii's album "True" was an experimental masterpiece and took home the elektro Award for Best Album of 2013. Diplo is also well known for his experimentation so it was only appropriate that the talented producer take a shot at remixing a track off Avicii's album...
This Avicii remix is DANK… literally.
You know the Avicii single, "You Make Me." Have you ever thought about it earning a trap remix? Probably not. Luckily for us, DANK had a vision. DANK has taken this feel good Avicii track and turned it into a trapped out banger. While we never could've imagined such a fusion of genres, we can't argue with the results...
Avicii “You Make Me” Official Video
Avicii has released the official music video for "You Make Me," the single featured on his upcoming album, 'True.' This video, shot in New York City, including the newly renovated Marquee NY, sees a couple of roller skating gangs whose leaders are fighting over the same beautiful girl at the club (sort of like a modern 'West Side Story' scene), all to the soundtrack of the catchy new Avi