Monster iSport USA in-ear Headphone
Monster is a leader in manufacturing and design of high-performance headphones. One of the company's most recent products is a limited-edition red, white and blue iSport USA in-ear headphone. They are athlete-friendly with innovations including an improved version of Monster’s specially designed “OMNITIP” ensures that the sweatproof and washable model delivers superior audio performance while not
Thunderpants TP-1 DIY Headphone Kit
This DIY headphone kit includes cups, baffles, sealing tape, eyelets, wire, sleeve, shrink wrap, plug, brackets, screws, grommets, hanger blocks, head strap, and damping materials. If the thought of assembling these parts on your own is intimidating, buy a pre-assembled pair of these gorgeous, audiophile quality headphones, (decked out with hand-made over the ear wooden cups), for a few hundred b
Headphones will play (and visualize) what you’re listening to
The essential headphone has come a long way since it was first introduced to the public in the 1930’s, from portability to sound canceling technology, and now they may be coming equipped with OLED displays screens. Designers ChanHyun Park and SeJi Kim have developed headphones that can show a visualization of what you’re listening to on a display panel featured on the ear pad...
Schiit LYR Hybrid Headphone Amplifier
Unleash the power of pure sound with Schiit’s new LYR Hybrid Headphone Amplifier, designed to give you 6 watts of power with efficiency. The LYR uses customized tubes for the input which will deliver a clean and direct signal flow and allows you to adjust the setting to your personal preference of sound...