Ultra’s Must-See Acts
Each year, Ultra Music Festival brings the biggest lineup jam-packed with stars, and this year is no different. Looking at the massive lineup can make your head spin. That's why we've compiled the 30 must-see acts for you to make putting your festival itinerary together that much easier...
15 Ultra Debuts You Shouldn’t Miss!
Ultra is rapidly approaching. As we put together our festival itineraries, there are some UMF newcomers that you should keep in mind to include in your plans. Check out the 15 Ultra debuts you shouldn't miss above!
Cruel Travel; the way traveling to festivals should be
Traveling to some of the world's biggest festivals can be very difficult. However, Cruel Collective is here to make it easier with its announcement of Cruel Travel. Offering fully inclusive trips to music festivals that include travel, accommodations, festival admission, and afterparty packages, Cru…
Dance Music takes over Coachella 2014
The world-famous festival Coachella released their much-anticipated lineup on Wednesday, revealing a dance music-heavy lineup. This EDM takeover of the festival is a testament to the overwhelming popularity and demand of DJ/producers at the nation's biggest music festivals...

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