Aylen “Rapid Fire” EP
Aylen “Rapid Fire” EP
Andrew Lin, also known as New Jersey based DJ/producer Aylen, is dropping a free EP called Rapid Fire which contains two original mixes called “Damage Control” and the title track “Rapid Fire." “Damage Control” amps up the EP with some dirty electro with plenty of grinding riffs to give it a hard sound...
Felguk “Dead Man Swag” Preview
Brazilian duo, Felguk, have been teasing the EDM world with previews of their forthcoming tracks on their highly anticipated EP, 'Slice & Dice,' slated for July 9th release. Their newest snippet comes as a preview for their track, "Dead Man Swag," which combines their Brazilian flavor with hard-hitting electro beats, that are sure to keep festivals and clubs all around the world movi
Seven Days In Dada Land: Episode 2
Seven Days in Dada Land is back with another episode featuring the adventures of the lucky super fan, Nolan, as he documents his adventures with electro duo Dada Life. In this installment they begin to warm up to Nolan when he serves them a hearty concoction of French fries, gravy and cheese curds and discuss touring Toys R Us...

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