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Dada Land claims Independence!
Dada Life is declaring Dada Land a sovereign nation! With the help of their fanatical followers, Dada Life has deemed March 6th, 2013 “Dada Land Independence Day." This Wednesday in five cities worldwide, rallies will be held by the most loyal, rabid fans in dance music claiming their citizenship of Dada Land and demanding recognition from all governments of their new sovereign nation... Read
Dada Life “So Young, So High” Tiesto Remix Preview
Tiesto has released the preview for his remix of Dada Life’s hit “So Young So High." Although we are only presented with a minute-long snippet of what’s to come, the teaser is enough to let us know that it’ll be another high-octane production from the Dutch master...
Sensation Canada 2013, presented by Bud Light
Beginning in the Netherlands, Sensation, is a massive in door event renowned for its special effects, mesmerizing lights, and the sea of white. After five years it began to set it’s sights globally, moving the festival to locations like Brazil, Spain, Serbia, and Thailand...
Dada Life “Feed The Dada” NickNack Remix
Dada Life's head-banging anthem, "Feed The Dada," gets a new dose of life from California-based DJ/producer, NickNack. This 20 year-old up-and-comer brought us the high-octane big room remix of Will.I.Am & Eva Simmon's club banger, "This Is Love," and based on this follow-up reworking of Dada Life, it seems that what Nick has a knack for, is producing tracks that are capab
dada life “so young, so high” dillon francis remix out now
Dada Life’s “So Young, So High” has been getting a lot of attention from not only fans, but also DJs and producers that want to put their own spin on it. Everyone's favorite EDM character, Dillon Francis, has delivered a classic remix filled with electro and trap elements for that unmistakable Dillon sound...
Dada Life “So Young So High” WorldCAT Trap Remix
Despite the continuous growth we’ve seen within the realm of trap lately, it seems very few producers have come close to touching the unbroken stream of success we’ve seen from electronic artists World Class Art Thieves. The Minnesota-based outfit has brought us another take on Dada Life’s heavily remixed “So Young So High,” but this re-work brings the energy in such a refreshing and unique way,
electric forest announces 2013 festival dates
Michigan's Electric Forest festival is known as one of the craziest festivals in the country, bringing thousands of EDM fans to the woods to party for a three-day celebration of music and culture. Set to Bassnecatar's track "Empathy," this teaser captures all of the intensity of last year's events, which included high-octane performances by artists like Steve Aoki, Dada Life, Girl Talk,
Dada Life “So Young So High” Anybody Remix
Its a far departure from Dada Life's upbeat and almost happy hardcore reminiscent original track, "So Young So High," but one that works in every aspect. Up-and-coming producer Anybody has given the anthem-style tune a darker and heavier feel by cutting up the chorus to emphasize massive drops and hard electro synths...

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