annie's theme

Afrojack “Annie’s Theme” Official Video
Afrojack's "Annie's Theme" is a track that Nick has been using to smash dancefloors for some time now. Its fast-paced, aggressive Dutch-house style brings the energy to move crowds wherever this banger is played. Now, the official video for "Annie's Theme" has been released...
Afrojack “Annie’s Theme” Out Now
Afrojack is one of the biggest artists in electronic dance music, headlining festivals all around the world with his epic, big room electro house jams. His sound is universally appreciated because of its pop influence, with an unmatched harmonic sensibility...
Afrojack “Annie’s Theme” Carnage Festival Trap Remix Free Download
The mastermind behind "Big Spender" brought out the big guns on his re-working of "Annie's Theme," an unreleased track by renowned DJ Afrojack. To add more fuel to the trap movement that is currently exploding across the country, DJ Carnage's Carnage Festival remix opens with a hyperactive beat and slowly eases into those signature high-pitched synths we love so much... Read M