If raging alongside our favorite producer/DJ/model/babysitter this holiday season isn’t enough reason to get you out of bed and on the dance floor, then you might want to take a look at the clip below. Dillon Francis has used his super-powered connections to get his hands on a foreboding message from the future, delivered by none other than future Steve Aoki. In this tiny peek into the future we see that the Dim Mak head honcho has hyper-warped his signature Aoki Jump (a feat we thought unimaginable until now), all in order to warn us against missing Dillon’s upcoming four-night stint in his native Los Angeles. Vehemently warning us that Drake won’t be President of the Universe and Aoki won’t be Santa Claus if all four shows don’t completely sell out, Steve gives us a stoic reminder that although the holidays may be in full swing, there is still much raging to be done… for the good of mankind, of course.

The futuristic message is another piece of comedic gold straight out the seemingly bottomless vault that is Dillon Francis’ twisted imagination. We’ve already got our tickets to one of his shows –going on from December 26th to the 29th and still on sale here – but can’t help but wonder one thing. If this is really Steve Aoki, then where’s the cake? Check out the hilarious video below!