"Epic - adjective - extending beyond the usual or ordinary, especially in size or scope."

It may be the most overused word ascribed to many events in the dance music world, but Steve Angello's record label showcase last month in NYC, 'Size In The Park', fits perfectly with the Merriam-Webster definition of 'epic'. To preview the highly anticipated collaboration between Steve & his protege duo Third Party on Size Records, 'Lights', the Size team put together a trailer that features the legendary event in the heart of Central Park. Shrouded in complete darkness behind a pillar of red light, a figure emerges breathing heavily over the addictive melody of the track. An image of a tiger roars and the people of New York cheer, ready for the drums in the song to drop. The viewer sees the back of the mysterious maestro's head, and although the long hair is a give-away (albeit no backwards baseball cap), it's not until his name flashes in color behind him that we truly know it's Mr. Angello himself. The view cuts between Steve and Third Party preforming for the sold out crowd at Rumsey Playfield, and everyones hands are in the air, bumping and jumping to the beat. The 'lights' are what truly makes the video, for those who were at the park that day remember the beautiful moment of when the rain started to fall in between the lasers, making the night a bit more magical than most.

What is certain to be another smash single for Size, 'Lights' will be released October 26th, just in time for the Halloween festivities.

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